The new “Presto” system is coming to Apple stores next month for wireless iPhone software updates in the box

Apple is about to make a big change at its US retail stores: “Presto inside Apple.” This system will allow Apple Store employees to update iPhone software wirelessly while the phone is still in the box, using a pad-like device. Here's how it works.

In the latest version of for him employment the news, BloombergApple's Mark Gurman reports that this new system will begin rolling out broadly to U.S. Apple Stores in April, and will reach all U.S. stores by “early summer.” The process has been in testing in select Apple Stores since the end of 2023.

Gorman first reported on this system last October, and 9to5Mac Evidence of the feature was later found in iOS 17.2. The technology centers around a “pillow-like device that a store can place boxes of iPhones on top of.” The system can turn on iPhones, update their software, and then turn them off again, all while the phones remain in their boxes.

in Today's edition of employmentGorman wrote:

The system looks a bit like a metal shoe compartment. It can use MagSafe and other wireless technologies to turn on your iPhone without opening the package. It downloads and installs new software and then turns the phone back on.

This change means that people who buy new iPhones from Apple stores will likely not have to update their devices right away out of the box. Instead, the Apple Store will be able to update devices when new iOS versions are released.

As it stands now, iPhones ship from the factory with whatever version of iOS was available at the time. This means that millions of iPhones come with iOS versions that are multiple updates out of date by the time the phone reaches the customer.

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