The new iPad Air and iPad Pro feature a battery health menu, including cycle counts and an 80% charge limit option

Apple’s latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models feature a new Battery Health menu in the Settings app that’s not available on older iPads, which includes options previously limited to iPhone 15 models.

As he confirmed iCultureVisiting Settings ➝ Battery on new iPads displays a new Battery Health menu that lists battery health (with a reading like “Normal”), maximum capacity, number of cycles, and an option to optimize charging by 80%. Users can also see details about when the battery was produced and when it was first used.

The icon previously found in the iPadOS 17.5 beta software refers to the Battery Health menu, and it has already been suggested that it may be limited to Apple’s new iPads. Notably, Cycle Count readings and the option to more strictly prevent charging beyond 80% were until now exclusive features of the iPhone 15 series, and can’t be found on older iPhones either.

iculture ipad 2024 battery health listiculture ipad 2024 battery health list

Image credit: iCulture

The 80% limit is separate from the enhanced battery charging feature in previous iPhones, which intelligently delays charging past 80% until a more convenient time by learning about the device’s daily charging routine. When the 80% cap is enabled, your iPad will never charge beyond that percentage, except in rare cases “to maintain accurate estimates of the battery’s state of charge.” apple He says Reducing the time it takes a battery to be fully charged can reduce battery wear and improve its lifespan.

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