The Media Ethics Council responded to a complaint about TVP information

A month ago, the Media Ethics Council received a complaint against TVP Info. Its editor, Mateusz Rędzioch, said the station’s plans “do not include information on current events, such as the crisis of the commanders of the Polish army, but Self-promotion is practiced in the form of constant commentary in one’s own project, Debata Wyborcza.It does not meet the standard of debate.” At the same time, the author of the complaint accused TVP of favoring the ruling party in the election campaign.

– The website quotes the words of the complainant.


Moderators of the discussion are Anna Bogusiewicz-Kroczowska and Michael Rachon

The Media Ethics Council responded to a complaint about TVP information

Complaints have been made that TVB covers trivial events such as “Inauguration of Police Station by Representative of Ruling Party.” Mateusz Rędzioch reported among others: the National Broadcasting Council, the National Media Council and the European Broadcasting Union. For now he has the answer from the Media Ethics Council, which adopted his position. In response to the complaint, REM asserted that “media analysts pointed to propaganda rather than information in TVP programs.”

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