The man who attacked a synagogue in Texas has taken hostages. The end of the action

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on Twitter, “All hostages in Congress Beth Israel are safe.” No other details about their release have been reported
  • A White House spokesman said President Biden had been briefed on the situation and that key members of the National Security Council were in contact with federal law enforcement leaders.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett referred to the events in Texas. “I’m closely monitoring the hostage situation in Congregation Beth Israel in Goliwille,” he wrote on Twitter.
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After about 12 hours, the final negotiations with the striker were over. Police say a man who took four hostages, including a rabbi, into a prayer house has died. One person was released a few hours ago.

Shortly before the news of the man’s death was announced, CNN reported that station crews heard a loud bang outside the Colleyville synagogue, followed by rapid gunfire.

“Authorities have identified the suspect being held hostage, but his identity has not been made public at this time,” said Matt DeSarno, the FBI’s special agent in Dallas.

“While all the hostages are now safe, the Congregational Beth Israel Chapel is still an active crime scene.

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Earlier at 22 local time, the Texas governor announced the end of police talks. “Prayers were heard,” he commented.

The attacker took hostages at the synagogue. Continuous action

Earlier, ABC News reported that four people, including a rabbi, had been taken hostage by a kidnapper in Goliville. The hostage said the kidnapper had a bomb in his possession.

The man said he was the brother of Afia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist who has been serving 86 years in the United States on charges of firing on soldiers and FBI agents in 2010 and is seeking his release. The lawyer representing the woman responded immediately to the reports, saying “she had nothing to do with the hostage-taking.”

“We strongly condemn the hostage-taking of the Beth Israel congregation in Goliath,” Marwa Elbiali said in a statement. “We beg the kidnapper to release all the hostages immediately and hand himself over to justice,” he added.

The attacker held hostages at a Texas synagogue. The reaction of the US government

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said President Biden was briefed on the progress of the hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas and that key members of his National Security Council have been in contact with federal law enforcement leaders.

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The Texas governor says he is monitoring the situation of hostages at the synagogue. “The Texas Department of Public Security is in the throes of a tense hostage situation in Colville, Texas,” wrote Greg Abbott.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he was “in close contact with local and national authorities.”

“I pray for security and a speedy solution,” said Beth Van Duane, who represents the hostage community in the US House of Representatives.

The man who attacked a synagogue in Texas has taken hostages. Israel’s reaction

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett tweeted that she was “closely following” the situation of the hostages by tweeting about the events in Texas.

We pray for the safety of the hostages and the rescuers, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

“I’m closely monitoring the situation of hostages from Israel at the Beth Israel Church in Colville, Texas,” wrote Israeli Minister for Immigration Nachman Shay.

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Source: Reuters, CNN, PAP


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