The Israeli minister appealed to Netanyahu. He speaks of “breaking.”

Galant appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a compromise. He also asked the opposition parties to stop the armed forces’ strikes and protests against the government.

“The division in the nation has penetrated deep into the ranks of the armed forces and security forces – a clear and serious threat to Israel’s security. I will not allow that,” Minister “JP” was quoted as saying.

“I have risked my life for Israel and will continue to risk it,” Minister Gallant said. He said threats to the Israeli state continue to grow as Iran moves closer to obtaining nuclear weapons and conflicts with Palestine escalate.

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The minister insisted that while the Israeli armed forces are “wonderful”, “something has broken in them in recent weeks” due to the planned reform of the judiciary. The rift that divides society has not spared the army, he said, weakening its fighting capacity.

“Defense Minister Yoav Galant has taken bold and necessary steps for the defense of the State of Israel,” said opposition leader Yair Labit. Former Prime Minister “JP” quoted former Prime Minister “JP” as saying, “Reformation of the Judiciary is highly detrimental to national security and it is his duty and responsibility to prevent a dangerous deterioration of the situation.”

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