The iPhone 15 Pro may not have solid state buttons as previously rumored

If you’ve been following the Apple rumor mill since last year, you might remember that the iPhone 15 Pro was widely expected to have a. Now it looks like Apple won’t be replacing the iPhone’s physical buttons for at least another year. in spotted before “A new product that we mentioned in previous shareholder letters as scheduled to be introduced this fall is no longer expected to come to market as planned,” Apple supplier Cirrus Logic said.

Cirrus is known for producing a few of the components that go into the iPhone’s Taptic Engine. Apple is the company’s largest customer, accounting for 79 percent of its revenue in 2022. Cirrus told investors and analysts that it was working on a new high-performance mixed signal (HPMS) component (the same class of part as the Tapic engine), and that it would hit smartphones sometime in 2023. This week, Cirrus said it had a “limited vision.” for the future of the product.

Reports indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a set of solid-state buttons originating from , who said last fall that the company plans to replace the volume and power buttons on its next flagship phone with touch-sensitive buttons. Last month, co , stating that Apple decided to change its plans due to “unresolved technical issues prior to mass production”. If nothing else, this development is a reminder to treat smartphone leaks with suspicion, especially those that circulate months and sometimes years before a product announcement.

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