The Google Tensor G4 uses Samsung’s updated 4nm process

The Tensor G3 chipset in the Pixel 8 series is a big step forward from previous iterations of the custom Google chip made by Samsung, and amid rumors that the company will eventually move to TSMC, a new report says that the Tensor G4 will once again be produced by Samsung, but in an updated process.

Earlier this year, a report broke the news that Google would launch its first fully dedicated Tensor chipset from smartphones in the Tensor G5, with the launch of the Pixel 10. This new chip will be produced by TSMC instead of Samsung, as all Tensor chipsets have been produced until now . However, before this report, Google was expected to make these moves with the Tensor G4.

now, Reports from Korea claim Google has submitted its request to Samsung to produce the Tensor G4 later in the Pixel 9 series, and it is scheduled to be produced in about a year. The report says that the Tensor G4 will be produced using Samsung’s third-generation 4nm SF4P process, which is a newer version of the process that the Tensor G3 was using.

Of course, Google working with Samsung again isn’t surprising at all, especially since the Tensor G4 is expected to be a minor upgrade year-on-year.

A report released in September revealed that the Tensor G4 would be codenamed “Zuma Pro” and that it would use an updated version of the same development board that was used in the Tensor G3, saving greater improvements for the “Laguna Beach” debut of the later Tensor G5.

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