The Google Drive web app is getting a dark theme

On the web, only a few Google apps and services offer night mode. Google Drive is now the latest to offer a dark theme.

Available onceyou'll be prompted to “New! Dark Mode” to “Continue enjoying driving in the dark.” Next, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner > Settings > General > Appearance. It doesn't automatically follow your device's theme.

It joins the other preferences for start page (Home or My Drive) and density (comfortable, convenient, compact).

The dark theme is very obvious and only applies to the file view. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. do not change. The background (sidebar, search bar, etc.) is somewhat lighter and grey, while the inner container is darker/blacker.

Google Keep and Chat also offer dark themes, while Gmail offers something similar, but it doesn't apply to the actual contents of the email. In addition to Workspace, there's Google Search and YouTube. Compared to a mobile phone, the availability of a suitable theme at night is somewhat limited.

We're only seeing this dark theme in Google Drive for one of our accounts today. It's not yet widely rolled out, and we hope Google continues to update all Workspace apps this way.

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