The German legal system is missing victims from Poland

On Monday, in “Signals of the Day” broadcast on Polish Radio’s Channel 1, Arkadiusz Mularczyk raised the topic of World War II reparations.

– The division of the world by the Iron Curtain after the Second World War led to a situation of complete asymmetry in the advantages that Germany gave to the citizens of Central Europe compared to the citizens of Western Europe and Israel – he said.

The politician noted that citizens of Western Europe, Israel and the United States receive monthly benefits from the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, while victims of World War II who are currently living in Poland, Ukraine or Belarus receive no benefits. . According to him, we are dealing with a gross violation of basic human rights standards.

Reparations in the international arena

Arkadiusz Mularczyk submitted at the end of January to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe a motion to undertake work on the issue of the right to “fair and equitable compensation and access to justice, fair and legal process for all victims of German occupation during World War II”.

– We raise the issue of non-reparations for citizens in the international arena in the wider context of non-reparations for Poland. The Deputy Minister of External Affairs has explained that no one in the West knows about this issue.

– German law discriminates against national victims. He sees victims of religious and political discrimination, Israeli citizens, Jews and Germans who were discriminated against during World War II were given benefits. But their legal system has not found victims from Poland, Greece or Ukraine, the deputy head of the foreign ministry said.

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