The gardeners loved them. They were not prepared for the storm

“Our Glukovo stork family suffered a great loss. As a result of yesterday’s storm, a nest with two chicks was thrown from a power pole, which unfortunately was not yet prepared for such a situation and died” – we read the Facebook profile of “Maternia District Council”.

City services were informed about the incident where two bodies of storks were picked up. The two-year-old storks survived, after they were shocked, on their perch.

Residents consulted an ornithologist working with the Department of Environment and the city about the accident. They found that two-year-old storks coped, but did not reproduce because it was too late, so there was no need to rebuild their nests.

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Next year the storks will return to the same place. “That is why, as a district council, we will apply for substantial and financial support to repair the nest site on this pole. We have until March to prepare a new, safe place for storks to nest” – Gdańsk councilors assured.

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