The fisherman picked up the phone. He will remember this catch for the rest of his life – o2

Trapman Permagui has a catch he will remember for the rest of his life. The Australian sailed the waters of the ocean in his boat. The fisherman planned a steady catch, but that day fate prepared an unusual surprise for him. At one point, the man pulled an animal aboard, a sight he had not expected at all.

At this time the Australian saw a very unusual species. Bermagui Trapman holds a deep-sea shark that looks like a creature from a nightmare. The fisherman couldn’t believe his eyes, so he grabbed his phone to take souvenir photos. He later posted the photos on Instagram.

Netizens were clearly horrified by the shark’s appearance. Many of them could not believe that the photo posted by the fisherman was not a photomontage. Rybak explained on Instagram that the creature owes its origin to the place where it lives every day. This species only occurs at depths greater than 600 meters. Poor access to light and low water temperatures mean it’s not like a normal shark.

These sharks are common at depths greater than 600 meters. We usually catch them in winter, the fisherman revealed.

Dean Grubbs spoke in an interview with “Newsweek.” The associate director of research at Florida State University’s Coastal and Marine Laboratory identified the specimen as Centroschimnus owstonei, a member of the sleeper shark family. A few days later, another photo appeared on Traubman’s Instagram, showing the same creature caught by another fisherman.

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