The father was looking for children who had been deported by the Russians. He finally found out where they were. “I was in shock”

  • After the Russian attack on Mariupol, the family hid in a shelter. Finally, Russian soldiers entered the hospital and offered Yevan and his relatives “two options.”
  • The man was imprisoned as a prisoner of war and lost contact with his children. After leaving, he began to look for them, but found that they had been taken to Moscow
  • After many difficulties, the Ukrainian reached the capital of Russia. “I was shocked to see that the camp had a big gate and armed guards,” he said
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Meshevy is one of thousands of Ukrainian parents whose children have been abducted and sent to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine began last February. The forced deportations prompted the International Criminal Court (ICC) to seek the release on Friday Arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When war broke out, Meshewicz was working as a crane operator in Mariupol. As she told the Guardian, when she heard the first Russian shelling, she immediately thought about the safety of her children – 13-year-old Matvey, 9-year-old Svyatoslava and 7-year-old Oleksandra. Mariupol soon came under siege, which the International Committee of the Red Cross described as “apocalyptic”.

After the war began, the family stayed in a shelter in one of Mariupol’s hospitals, where the man helped move the bodies of the dead. On March 17, Russian soldiers entered the hospital and offered the family “two options.”

“Either we can go with them immediately, or we can talk to the Chechens who come after them.” We decided to go with them (Russians – ed.). They took us to Vynohradny, a village east of Mariupol, where young men with white t-shirts and “I love Russia” badges welcomed us and helped us. We stayed there for a while, but one day, after we were taken to a checkpoint and searched, a Russian officer found something in my documents,” Meshevi said.

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Between 2016 and 2019, the man served in the Ukrainian army in the west of the country. Therefore, the Russians transferred him to a prison near Olenivka in the Donetsk region, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept. He stayed there for 45 days. After coming out of jail, he started searching for his family.

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