The end of Poland’s holiday paradise? People will perish

The Mediterranean’s popularity as a summer destination for tourist crowds will decline dramatically by the end of the century. Everything has a reason Heat is already affecting some countries.

He enjoys it Greece recorded its first heat wave in the past two weeks. In Sicily in 2021, the temperature reached 48.8 degrees Celsius, and this year at Easter. Water cuts are in effect in parts of Catalonia due to an unprecedented drought.

Peter Stott, the Met Office’s former head of climate monitoring, predicted Temperatures in Europe will soon cross the 50°C mark.

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Another scientist, Rosie Mammett, a PhD student and meteorologist from the University of Reading, We can expect more record temperatures this summer. As they grow, southern Europe will be most at risk.

Croatian portal also states that, according to EU research, different levels of warming and its impact on tourism movements, There are clear changes in tourist demand. Northern regions will benefit from climate change, as will countries in the south Croatia, Greece and Spain are facing significant declines in tourist demand.

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