The conductor invited her to first class. Woman brutally raped – o2

The incident took place on the Bahauddin Zakaria Express train from Multan to Karachi. During the 500km journey, the conductor made a free transfer in a refrigerated first class car for a mother of two. The woman gladly accepted the offer.

First class put in the box and raped. Police were searching for the culprits

However, upon entering the box, an unpleasant surprise awaited her. The conductor along with three other men sexually abused her. They threatened that she would face “very bad consequences” if she tried to escape.

After all, the raped woman was able to get off the train. He immediately reported the situation to the nearest police station.

Preliminary reports suggest that the suspects are hiding in remote areas of Punjab. However, the rapists were quickly arrested by the police. Two of them were arrested Monday and a third person Tuesday morning.

The woman underwent a forensic examination at the hospital. In that study it was confirmed that he had been subjected to gang rape.

Outrage in Pakistan. “Women’s safety determines the values ​​of the nation”

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn described the situation. Journalists called the crime “bad” and asked railway officials about safety on trains.

The protection of women is what determines the values ​​of the nation – the article emphasizes.

The story caused a great deal of anger among Pakistanis. Some of them made death threats to the host on social media.

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