The Colts plan to start Sam Ehlinger in QB for the rest of the season

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The Ponies will have a new quarterback this week.

This was announced by coach Frank Reich Sam Ellinger The Colts will start Sunday’s home game against the Leaders. Reich said that too Matt Ryan He has a second-degree shoulder separation which will prevent him from training or playing this week, but he made it clear that the decision to go to Ellinger was not because of Ryan’s injury.

“For now, the move is for Sam to be the beginning rest of the seasonReich said via the team’s website.

Colts have been traded for Ryan this season and collateral added to the last two years From his contract when they talked about getting him to run their attack after the 2022 season, but Ryan has nine league interceptions to go with 11 stumbles during the first seven games of his career with the team. Given that investment, it’s no surprise that Reich said in his press conference on Monday that team owner Jim Irsai and general manager Chris Ballard were also involved in making the decision to make Ellinger the initiator going forward.

Ehlinger was a sixth-round pick last year who recently jumped Nick Foles for second place on the depth chart. Reich said he thinks Ehlinger is bringing a “special sauce” to the attack and they’ll get a chance to see her in action this weekend.

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