The budget-friendly Blink Mini 2 security camera is on sale for the first time

Whether you're away at work or on vacation, a security camera can provide extra peace of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on your pet, packages, and other valuables at home. Nowadays, one of the least expensive security cameras you can buy is becoming more affordable. Normally $39.99, new Blink Mini 2 Reduced to just $29.99 ($10 off) at Amazon, Best buyAnd GoalIt's the first deal we've seen on the wired camera since its launch last month. You can also buy it from Amazon With weather resistant adapter For only $39.98 ($10 off).

Although the Blink Mini 2 remains a basic 1080p camera like its predecessor, it's now even more useful if you're already locked into the Amazon ecosystem. You can use it outside thanks to its IP65 weather resistance, though you'll need the aforementioned Blink weather-resistant power adapter to do so. We wish it had features like richer notifications and voice detection, but it's still an excellent upgrade with better picture and sound quality, USB-C power, and a wider field of view (143 degrees vs. 110) to see more of your room or hallway. At the same time, it continues to offer support for features like two-way audio and motion alerts, along with an adjustable design that makes it easy to mount on the wall.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, you also still have to pay $3 per month for cloud storage and take advantage of features like the new people discovery setting. ( to choose Optional sync module 2 It'll just help you avoid cloud storage fees.) However, this is cheaper than purchasing cloud storage from competitors like Ring, Arlo, and Google. Plus, unlike Ring cameras, you can still arm and disarm the camera for free.

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