The Belarusian answer to Apple. Lukashenka’s new computer, “homemade”, comes from China

New equipment allegedly made in Belarus appeared on Alexander Lukashenko’s desk. However, the portal determined that the monitor could be purchased on the Chinese sales website AliExpress, and the contribution of the Belarusian company Horyzont was limited to pasting the letter “H” on the back of the device.

Pro-regime Belarusian blogger Anton Shabashov proposed to the head of Lukashenko’s administration to replace the American company Apple’s computer with Belarusian equipment.

– I believe that people will appreciate it, not only in Belarus – said the blogger quoted by Belzat.

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The President of Belarus accepted the challenge. The equipment was to be built in a state-owned enterprise the horizonManufactures electronic equipment. Soon, the press service published a photo of the president’s desk, which contained a new computer.

Lukashenko monitor from AliExpress

The portal quickly determined that the identical monitor seen in the photo can be bought on AliExpress at prices ranging from 100 to 320 euros. The Belarusian plant Horizon’s contribution may have been limited to affixing the letter “H” to the back of the device.

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Lukashenko is pushing domestic industry to produce as much equipment as possible in Belarus, but not everything is going his way. In August, the Belarusian leader visited the “MotoWelo” factory, where he was presented with the latest motorcycle, allegedly developed by his countrymen. However, it turned out that all the components of the machine were imported from China.


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