The Aurora Borealis is back over Poland. Where can it be observed? How to prepare?

Last weekend, the northern lights were observed in the south and north of Poland due to favorable conditions. According to experts, on the evening of November 11, you will be able to enjoy colorful lights. Where and when will the aurora appear?

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Aurora Borealis again over Poland. Where does it appear and how do I see it?

According to Carol Wojcicki from Portal With your head in the stars Today’s aurora may be slightly weaker than last Sunday’s event, but it’s still perfectly visible. According to preliminary forecasts, the best time to observe the aurora borealis is from 7 pm from the coast and central Poland. Wojcicki emphasized that if the conditions are favorable, there will also be light from the south of the country. However, it is not known how long this phenomenon will last. The aurora stays in the sky for several minutes to several hours.

The aurora should be observed on the northern horizon. However, to see it easily, you need to move as far as possible from the bright parts of the city, artificial lights will not prevent you from observing the dark sky.

Also, the view of the northern horizon should not be obstructed by trees or other obstacles, e.g. Buildings. In the direction of observation distance There should be no big cities within about 30 to 50 km. “In most cases, the aurora can be easily captured in photographs, but sometimes it is so bright that it is visible to the unaided eye” – emphasized Wojcicki.

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The aurora borealis owes its unusual colors to gases in the atmosphere

The aurora borealis is a light phenomenon seen in the upper atmosphere near the planet’s magnetic poles. By definition, it must occur near the Arctic Circle, but under favorable conditions it can be appreciated even in our country. The aurora is created by the high-speed impact of energetic gas particles sent by the Sun into the upper layer of Earth’s atmosphere. The planet’s surface is protected from this kind of “fire” by its magnetic field. This pushes the particles towards the north and south poles, causing them to interact with gases in the atmosphere. These gases and the altitude at which the event occurs are responsible for the unusual color of the sky. Lighter gases like hydrogen and helium glow purple and blue. Nitrogen turns purple and burgundy, and A Oxygen Shades of red and green.

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