The Astros and Phillies are making minor roster changes ahead of the World Championships

HOUSTON – The Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies made only minor changes from their championship roster to their World Championship roster before game one Friday night.

Houston added the left hand reducer will Smith, who was excluded from the list in the first two qualifying rounds. Acquired in a commercial deal with the Braves this summer, the 33-year-old Smith was in seven playoff series and helped Atlanta win the World Championship over the Astros last season.

Houston knocked right-back Seth Martinez, who didn’t play in the MLS series, from the roster to make way for Smith.

Filez operator added utility Nick Mattoon and loyal Nick Nelson To the list he took the accompanying player Dalton Guthrie and right-hand man Billy Walter.

Mattoon was on the wild card roster but did not play in the series against St. Louis. The left-handed hitter is the loyal brother of Houston’s Phil Mattoon, who will miss the season after breaking a pinky finger for a locker punch after giving up a hit to his brother in the team’s regular season final.

Guthrie placed Mattoon on the National League Division Series and NLCS rosters but had only one appearance as a runner against the Braves in the Division Series.

Nelson was on the NLDS roster but did not appear in a game.

Walter started Game 4 of the NLCS, giving up three strokes and four runs in two-thirds of the game in his first post-season debut.

Houston’s roster includes 13 bowlers, two catchers, eight players and three defensive players.

Philly has 13 pitchers, two catchers, six attacking players and five players.

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