The amazing and suspenseful Spider-Man 2 made with No Compromises for PS5

Photo: Push Square

There was some criticism of Sony’s decision to continue developing games across generations, until the release of the until God of War Ragnarok last year. While the Japanese giant might argue that its approach has allowed more people to enjoy its supporting titles – especially in the wake of PS5 stock shortages – early adopters believe the strategy has prevented first-party developers from snatching the full potential from the new generation PlayStation. hardware.

Of course, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be a PS5 exclusive – and is being developed by one of PS Studios’ top teams at Insomniac Games. talk with FamitsuVia Google Translate, chief personal officer Jim Ryan said the highly anticipated sequel was developed “without compromise” for Sony’s existing console. In other words, every inch of power will get out of the system, and you won’t need to worry about booting up on a decade-old PS4.

Ryan stopped short of sharing any definitive new information about the sequel, but did note that he’s been hearing very positive feedback about it, calling it “beautiful.” We’ll almost certainly get an extended glimpse of what the CEO is referring to over the next week PS view, as we fully expect the PS5 title to be one of the main games on offer. The rumor is for the superhero version to be released in September, and so we expect the date to be officially confirmed soon.

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