Thanksgiving. Tragedy in New Mexico. The man killed his wife

Carlen and Connie Denio are cousins were invited Thanksgiving. When they arrived around 1 pm on Thursday, They couldn’t get in.

They called the police, but the latter reported it to them Cannot enter matrimonial home by force. Carlon’s brother decided to take the door off its hinges. After entering He made a terrible discovery.

“Karlan Teneo, 62 His wife was found in bed Connie, Found ‘sliced ​​and sliced’ on the bedroom floor,” reports the Albuquerque Journal.

Relatives again They called the emergency number. Officers stopped Carlen and observed him Leg and neck injuries.

Rick Cordova, Having lived next door to the Teneo family for two decades, The pair were described as “good people”. He also said that these are the people who did not expect such an event.

“Teneo Accused of Killing His Wife” – The New York Post reported. He is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital, police said. According to the media, The man was suffering from dementia.

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