Thailand: Pita Limjaronrat is blocked by a strong army

Debate over the selection of a new head of government has dominated the Thai press, social media and streets in recent days. For several days The impasse continues Regarding the appointment of the Prime Minister.

A crushing victory May election achieved so far ResistanceIt heralds constitutional reforms and democratization of political life. Most Thai men and women voted Liberal Progressive Party (MFP). Its leader, 42 years old Pita limjaroenrat, promised to limit the power of the existing elite, including the influential military. However, this has come under criticism Conservatives. Last week, military representatives sitting in parliament blocked Bida from being elected head of government. The next polling will be held on Wednesday.

A mighty army

Alliance with the throne Army Fully inside Thailand One of the main power centers. Since its establishment in 1932 Democratic system Generals did 12 armed revolutions. As a result, they recently took over Conspiracy Since 2014.

When they broke up five years later Partially independent electionsThe leader of the coup, a general, became prime minister Prayut Chan-Ocha. The military-led constitution ensures that the upper house of Thailand’s parliament – the 250-seat Senate – is not subject. popular electionsand all its members are appointed by the military.

The Senate is now making it difficult for the coalition formed in the spring to form a government. The prime minister is elected by the combined houses of parliament, and although the two major parties enjoy a 312-seat majority in the 500-seat lower house, those in uniform can block them. Prime Minister’s seat. Last week Pita limjaroenrat He got an unassailable 51 votes Green light to rule Only 13 senators voted for the nomination of the leader of the pro-reform party.

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Studied at New Zealand and the United States Bida was again nominated by his coalition on Monday and announced that he would make one more attempt. However, Thai political analysts point out that his candidacy may be difficult for generals to accept.

grouping Phew Thai (for Thais)came second in the election and announced its defeat on Monday to appoint its own Prime Minister. He will be 60 years old Shretha Thavisin, A person close to the immigrant Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was removed from office. The Pew Thai Party has won every previous election since 2001, but every time Forcefully removed from power By conservatives associated with the military.

They promise more democracy

Center-Left Progressive Party (MFP) It is thought to represent the views of participants in mass protests targeting the ruling elite in 2020 and 2021. Tens of thousands of people protested across the country Resignation of General Prayut Govt and constitutional reforms – including reducing the political role of the monarchy.

Although the government eventually suppressed the protests, they remained on the MFP electoral list Enthusiasts and Enthusiasts Combined demonstrations. The party proposes changes to the constitution to weaken the military’s position. Among other things, he wants to abolish conscription Legalization of same-sex marriage. However, the prime ministerial candidate’s most important announcement is a promise Amendments to the law in the image of majestyIt prohibits criticizing the Thai king under penalty of 15 years in prison.

For this reason, opponents try to portray Pita as an extremist. On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court is set to decide whether to consider two election complaints against the MFP and its leader. The authors of the first article allege that Pita has shares in a company that has been defunct for years media companyWhat is He should be disqualified from the election. In another his group is said to have promised Changes in the law Protecting the monarchy – traditionally quite an institution In Thailand Honorable – Equivalent to test Overthrowing the democratic system With the king as the leader.

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Court on the right Pita’s political opponents, His party may be ordered dissolved.

Possible objections

Thai political watchers are once again apprehensive Mass protests Three years ago, the streets became Uniform battle with demonstrators.

To the chief Anti-government rallies From 2020 onwards happened Banning the opposition New Future Party (FFP).Six million people voted. Progressive Party She is seen as a continuation of the FFP tradition, challenging as she is Army and Kings. Commentators in Thai media say the new large-scale protests will negatively impact the economy and undermine investors’ confidence in the stability of the kingdom of more than 70 million people.

forecast Anger of citizens When the rulers were already in front of the Parliament building last week Bangkok city About a hundred people participated in the picket. Disaffected voters They expressed their disappointment over the ban Drinking limjaroenrut Road to PM. Senators were invited to the honor A democratic decision for millions of people.

Prominent leaders of previous anti-establishment movements have said they will win Wednesday’s polls if PIDA does not garner enough support. Back on the streets.

Interior Tomas Augustiniak from Bangkok

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