Texas fireball lights up the night sky near Austin

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A massive meteor strewn across the sky over Texas on Sunday evening, briefly lighting up the night before burning up as it entered the atmosphere.

The fireball entered the atmosphere Over Cistern, Texasabout 45 miles southeast of Austin, and ended just a few miles south of the state capital, according to the American Meteorite Society.

There have been hundreds of reports of the meteorite across central Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

The fireball burned up after entering the atmosphere over central Texas.
(Armando Pena Jr. via Fox 7 Austin)

several thousand meteors raining On land every day, but most are pebble-sized and occur over ocean, uninhabited areas, or during the day.

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A fireball is simply a meteor that is bright enough to be visible to the naked eye.

The fireball lit up the night sky for only a few seconds before burning up.

The fireball lit up the night sky for only a few seconds before burning up.
(Armando Pena Jr. via Fox 7 Austin)

Several witnesses near the flight path reported hearing a delayed sonic boom, indicating that this fireball may have survived. to the lower atmospherewrote Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society.


This fireball is likely part of the Alpha Capricornid meteor shower, which peaks on July 31.

Fox News’ Jonathan Moore contributed to this report.

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