Terrible Russian plan to destroy the Netherlands. “Two nukes are enough”

Vladimir Soloviev This time he did not threaten to destroy Poland. He targeted the Netherlands – as revenge for the end of local government Ukraine Donated F-16s could be used to attack targets in Russia.

So he invited a Duma deputy and a retired general into the studio, Andriy KurulevTo talk about the destruction of the Netherlands and, at the same time, harm the whole of Europe – writes the Daily Mail.

A terrible plan of attack

Soloviev suggested using early A special drone with a nuclear weaponIt would have attacked the coast of the Netherlands, but the army decided there were cheaper and quicker ways to destroy a European country. With minimal use of nuclear weapons, this is a matter of a day. The Netherlands will fly – General Kurulev had a terrible vision. One by one the dams would collapse until the entire country, and then much of Europe, would be flooded – he said.

“Two nukes are enough”

Two nuclear-tipped missiles would be enough, he said If one is shot down – he explained. The most terrifying thing, however, is not the idea itself Kurulev And what he said at the end – as he said, it’s not just a plan invented for the sake of the plan. As he admitted, such a plan of destruction had already been developed by the Russian military.

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