Tell Charles Barclay what’s happening in Minneapolis’ dining scene

After the Timberwolves’ thrilling win over the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night, NBA Hall of Famer turned radio analyst Charles Barkley called on Wolves MVP Anthony Edwards to give him restaurant recommendations ahead of the Western Conference Finals, which begin Wednesday in Minneapolis. . Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered even tighter than the Wolves defence. Here’s an open letter with more than just a few thoughts.

Dear Ant:

Congratulations on your win, we couldn’t be prouder. If you’re like us, there’s a post-game energy that beckons you for a night on the town. Since Sir Charles is slightly forgetting the last time he was in town (even if the 2019 Final Four feels like 20 years ago), there are a bunch of new restaurants opening near downtown Minneapolis and Target Center. Here’s where we think you should take it.

The man clearly appreciates the finer things in life and is having dinner at a three-star hotel Borzana You will hit all the marks. Perfectly cooked steaks, specifically the Minneapolis/North Loop ambiance with exposed brick and subtle lighting, plus a dimly lit downstairs bar for VIPs to relax with a top-shelf drink.

If he wants something more private, Billy Sushi It boasts some of the best sushi in the city and has two private rooms, including an impressive selection of Japanese whiskies. Plus, no one throws a party like owner Billy Tserenbat. He’s used to hosting big stars, like you, and you probably already know him as the fan who attends matches at the stadium in full Mongolian regalia.

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We heard you’re a fan Understanding, Also, which makes sense considering chef-owner David Fhima is the Timberwolves’ executive chef. While you can sample its food inside Target Center at concession stands, the art deco decor at the nearby restaurant does not disappoint. (His classic French restaurant Maison Margaux is not in the North Loop.)

The forecast calls for great weather Wednesday night, and summertime in Minneapolis is so beautiful that there might even be a decent patio. Somewhere like monte carlo, With its giant patio it might be a good option. Order the signature wings and a martini glass large enough to take a few spins. Plus, it’s dog-friendly, so Ant Jr. can… Join you.

For breakfast the next day, consider getting out of the area. There is a magical land nearby called St. Paul’s. It feels like another country, but as a resident, I can assure you that no passports are required. I take him on a drive down Summit Avenue, one of my favorite things to do with visitors to see the rows of historic mansions and views of the Cathedral and Capitol Building. Then head down to Mickey’s Diner from Willie’s On the seventh from the west. He’s the kind of lover of a good dinner that can remind him of the good old days of touring as a newbie. No matter how famous, the staff there don’t care. Order America’s favorite all-day breakfast, eggs your way with some of the best home fries, a side of bacon, and toast. This might actually be a good place to go before Charles has to go home. It is not far from the airport and is open 24 hours a day.

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And if you need any other restaurant deals, we’ve got you covered!

And your good taste,

Joey Summers

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