Teenage Engineering enters the mic space with the impressive CM-15

Teenage Engineering, a boutique musical instrument manufacturer, is back with a new product and it’s even more interesting From $1,600 desk. CM-15 is a Legit portable condenser microphone Built for studio use and remote settings. The company describes it as “the world’s first all-in-one microphone offering” because it features multiple connectivity and power options.

You can power this thing over traditional phantom power by plugging it into any suitable mixer or audio interface. There’s also a built-in battery that gets ten hours of use per charge. Don’t have access to any of it? Just plug it into any USB-C port to get some juice. This is very convenient. For connections, there’s a 3.5mm line out, mini XLR and the aforementioned USB-C port. The microphone has a built-in preamplifier, so you can go straight to a computer, phone, or other teen engineering device like the impressive (and expensive) OP-1 Field.

Just like the recently released TX-6 mixer, the CM-15 is small but still manages to find room for some sonic magic. It has a large 1-inch diaphragm capsule, which is rare in portable recording equipment. The microphone also features ESS Saber analog-to-digital conversion, which TE says helps the microphone “maintain high-fidelity audio and capture exceptional detail in any recording situation.”

There is a gain switch on the back to match the audio source, and a 3.5mm line can be connected to the camcorder directly for synchronized audio/video content. The forged metal construction feels durable and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the microphone. It comes with various adapters for universal compatibility with mic stands and features a built-in tilt mechanism for precise placement. There is a mini tripod available for the microphone, but it costs an extra $100.

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Now on to the price. This is a Teenage Engineering product, so prepare to pay over $1,200 to bring home this little beast. For a complete TE setup that includes the CM-15, TX-6 mixer and OP-1 Field Compound, that cost upwards of $4400. The microphone starts shipping in June.

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