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Taylor Swift swallowed a bug on stage Sunday night (June 4), as she wrapped up the weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field for the Running IRAs Tour. You can plan to change the weather and time, but Swift couldn’t plan that wrong which is dinner tonight.



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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“I just swallowed a bug,” Swift moaned on stage, as she covered her face and turned away from the crowd inside. forever set, during which she was about to lead to “Endue It”. I tried to shake her off, saying unconvincingly that she would be fine. “It’s just stupid,” she said, shaking her head and trying to spit out the insect.

“Delicious,” she clogged.

“Oh, my God,” Swift continued. “Is there any possibility that none of you saw that?” Her laughter and gagging followed.

“It will happen again tonight,” Swift predicted. “There are so many mistakes. There are 1,000 of them.”

Earlier in the evening, I also calmly dealt with the microphone issue with a smile. She tried to start “Lover”, but the malfunction meant no one could hear it. She tried messing with the microphone and troubleshooting it herself until a stage tech showed up by her side to swap her very flashy microphone for a normal one.

“Okay guys, let’s start this again. None of that happened… Let’s take a second in our memories, flash them back, None of this happened. We’re back to 36 seconds ago,” I joked.

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Iras Tour’s visit to Chicago saw some missteps. On Saturday night, Swift was laughing at herself for “breaking her brain”: She tried to invite a lovable young fan to come on stage with her during “22,” then realized that wasn’t a safe idea.

Below, watch Swift recount three unfortunate, but hilarious, Chicago night moments (mistake, mic) in fan videos already uploaded and making the rounds on social media mid-show.

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