Taught 3-year-olds that there are 100 different genders. Drag queen enthusiast needed police escort

The incident took place at a library in Reading, England at around 9 am. Sub Samuel, also known as Ida H Dee, wore provocative colorful sequin dresses, red wigs and heavy make-up, instilling her ideology in children.

And not just favorable audiences

Apart from the invited guests, there were 25-30 people who opposed such actions. They protested in front of the building condemning the parents who send their children to such programs. According to the crowd, they did this to protect the younger one.

Ultimately, as reported by the Daily Mail, The situation became dangerous and the police intervened, and the LGBT activist needed a uniformed escort. In turn, the “Sunday Telegraph” recalls that opponents of the event have been sending letters to the facility for weeks appealing to cancel the corrupt event.

This is not the end of the show

However, Sub Samuel declares that he has no intention of abandoning his plan to tour other English cities and teach children about gender ideology. Also, the activist urges parents to bring their children to meetings whenever possible.

Source: tvp.info, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, niezalezna.pl

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