Taraneh Alidouosti: Iranian actress posts photo without hijab in support of anti-government protests


Prominent Iranian actress Taraneh Alidouosti posted a picture of her on Instagram without the mandatory hijab to show her support. Ongoing anti-government protests Which was launched in Iran nearly two months ago.

In the photo, Alidouosti holds a banner that reads “Women, Life, Freedom” in Kurdish, a common slogan used in largely women-led demonstrations.

“Your recent absence, the migration of songbirds, is not the end of this rebellion,” Alidoosty wrote in her Instagram post.

The actor, who starred in the Oscar-winning movie The Salesman, shared a number of social media posts critical of the regime, and was a public supporter of the demonstrations. She is also known as an advocate for women’s rights in Iran.

Earlier this week, Alidoosty vowed in another Instagram post to stay in her homeland, saying, “I’m the one to stay, and I don’t plan on leaving at all.”

“I will stand with the families of the prisoners and the dead, and demand their rights,” Alidouosti says. Instagram share.

“I will fight for my house. I will pay any price to pay for my right.”

Alidouosti is one of several Iranian actresses who have taken off their mandatory headscarves Protesting the religious establishment.

On Wednesday, Iranian actors Donia Madani and Khazar Masoumi posted pictures of them on Instagram without headscarves.

The Islamic Republic is facing one of the biggest and yet unprecedented displays of opposition The death of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman who was detained by the morality police for allegedly not wearing a headscarf properly.

Since her death on September 16, protesters across Iran have gathered over a range of grievances with the regime. Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities are intensifying their efforts to end the uprising.

According to the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency, about 1,000 people have been charged in Tehran province for their alleged participation in the protests.

Up to 14,000 people in total have been arrested across the country, including journalists, activists, lawyers and teachers. Among them is the Iranian dissident rap artist Tomaj SalhiHe faces charges of crimes punishable by death, according to Iranian state media.

Javed Rehman, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, said the “relentless violent response by the security forces” has resulted in at least 277 deaths. in the title to the UN Security Council Wednesday, a number backed up by reports from human rights groups.

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