Sweden without electricity? Prime Minister Christensen: The situation is dire

We don’t want to spread panic by any means, but the situation is serious. I know many Swedes Reduces power consumptionTo cut costs, now you have to save to prevent disconnection, Christerson told a press conference.

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Sweden faces blackout Prime Minister: The energy situation in the country is very bad

According to Kristersen, the “tense” situation was affected by the shutdown of power generation at Oskarshamn 3, Sweden’s largest nuclear reactor, for nine days on Friday due to maintenance work. By the end of the week, the discovery of the fault will reduce the capacity of the Ringhals 3 unit by half.Also, since mid-August, the Ringhals 4 reactor has been undergoing repairs and will be operational only on February 23. .

Only the Forsmark nuclear power plant, north of Stockholm, is operating normally with three units.

Earlier, the Swedish Energy Agency in its communication referred to the period between December 9 and 18 as “particularly difficult” in the south of Sweden. As mentioned, Scania, together with the city of Malmö, is the region with the largest imbalance between the amount of energy production and electricity demand in Europe..

More electricity by burning garbage

In the coming days, energy will also be imported from Norway, Germany and Poland, said Lotta Medelius-Prette, director of Swedish power networks Svenska Kraftnads. Electricity prices will continue to be very high.

Compensation for higher energy bills announced by the government in the autumn will be paid as early as February. According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute SMHI, wintry weather with sub-zero temperatures and snow is expected to last for the next 10 days.

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