Sweden Stockholm police chief found dead in background of a love scandal

The body of Mats Löfving, who headed the Stockholm police force, was to be removed from his post a day later, an internal report said. The authors of the document proved that he was in a relationship with a deputy, Linda Staff, and made decisions that he was not authorized to make. The scandal surrounding Löfving was covered by the media from all over Scandinavia.

“A senior police officer was found dead at his home hours after the internal report was published. This shows that he did not have the authority to make decisions regarding a former employee with whom he had a relationship,” Swedish police said in a statement.

“Difference of Opinion”. The dead cop decided his accomplice’s salary

Löfving – the Stockholm police chief – was under both internal investigation and criminal investigation in the case that outraged the leadership of the uniformed march and made headlines across Scandinavia.

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The investigation concerns Löfwing’s relationship with an employee during his tenure as head of the National Police Operations Department. The report, released the day before her death, said the deceased had a conflict of interest in deciding, among other things, the position or salary of one of the police officers, Linda Stapp.

The document also covers their professional and personal relationships.

The romance at the police station lasted until 2021

The Löfving and Staaf story began in 2015. The year before, the government appointed Löfving as head of the National Police Operations Department. In February 2015, the police officer assigned the function of head of the intelligence unit to Linda Stapp.

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“The recruitment was carried out in accordance with the law” – we read in the statement quoted by the public portal. However, a few months later, in the summer of the same year, the relationship between Löfwing and Staff – apart from being professional – took on a personal character.

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According to the document, their romance lasted until 2021. During this time, the Stockholm police chief raised Linda’s salary, approved her writing of crime fiction, authorized her to carry service weapons and ammunition, and extended her tenure until February 2023.

And, according to the investigation, even though Linda Stoff was competent and the right person to get the high salary, gun write-up or own permit, Mats Löfving should not have made these decisions.

Corruption in the Swedish police. After the death of Mats Löfving, the investigation will be stopped

“Staff’s first promotion took place before the relationship with the police chief, but in at least four cases, Löfving made decisions he did not have the authority to make because of his informal relationship with Linda Staff,” Swedish media quoted him as saying. On the report.

“The author of the report recommends that national police commissioner Anders Thornberg consider removing Mats Löfwing from his position,” Swedish website Publikt reported on Wednesday.

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The next day, Mats Löfving was found dead in his home. – It is a terrible tragedy. My thoughts go out to Matts and his immediate family and his work colleagues,” Thornberg said in a statement.

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According to the prosecutor’s office, due to the circumstances, the investigation into Lofwing’s gross misconduct will be discontinued. The circumstances surrounding his death are currently under investigation.


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