'Survivor' host Jeff Probst says Season 50 will be all returning players

Jeff Probst said recently Entertainment Weekly They did not yet have a plan for the historic 50th season of Survivor. Well, those plans are now taking shape quickly.

during Survivor event Q&A with EW editor-in-chief Patrick Gomez Saturday night at the Ovation Hollywood complex in Los Angeles, Probst announced. Survivor 50 (which will begin filming on Memorial Day 2025 to air in spring 2026) will already feature all the returning players.

Jeff Probst in “Survivor 46”.

Robert Voits/CBS

“I just got an idea,” the host and showrunner said near the conclusion of the event.Survivor 50 He's coming around the corner. The truth is we're really focused on 47 and 48, and that's what we're going to shoot next, and then we have to shoot 49. But we know 50 is coming, so I'm curious, is there a feeling, should 50 be another season with new players and not make it an issue big?

After the crowd shouted “no,” Probst asked, “Or should the players be brought back?”

After getting a positive response to the option, Probst declared, “In the sense of sometimes leaving the game in the hands of the fans, I feel like — and there's a couple of people from CBS now saying 'Oh my God, what's going on?' -I feel like we should commit and make this the moment we decide Survivor 50 “The players will reset. I don’t know what will happen next, but I am sure we are committed.”

Jeff Probst in “Survivor 46”.

Robert Voits/CBS

If you don't include Bruce Perreault — who was more than just a returning player because he was injured just minutes into his first season — Survivor (Which is currently airing Survivor 46 on CBS) is already in the longest run of all Rookie seasons since the show first started bringing back players Survivor: All StarsIn Season 8. There were no returning stars in the entire new era that began Survivor 41. The host has already told EW that there will be no returning players for Season 47 or 48 either. It now appears that Survivor 49 It will also be all new players.

While Probst officially confirmed these speculations Survivor 50 (like 40 and 20 before that) will all be returning, and there's no mention of what the specific theme might be, though viewers have certainly talked about several options, including another fan-voted second chance, an Old Era vs. New Era battle, or A season full of runners-up (after season 40 it was all winners).

It will be a while before the theme for Season 50 is revealed, but fans can now keep dreaming about what could ultimately become the franchise's biggest season ever.

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