Super Smash Bros. got YouTube user Ludwig into trouble with Nintendo

Gaming YouTubers Ludwig Agren, widely known as Ludwig, claimed Nintendo came to kill him with a “cease and desist kid” letter a few months ago. The move was prompted by modifications he wanted to make to the company’s popular crossover fighter Super Smash Bros. Brawl For the tournament he was competing in.

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in Video October 25 Under the title “I’ve Filed a Lawsuit Against Nintendo,” Ludwig revealed that a few months ago, Nintendo sent him an intellectual property infringement notice, which official document That the data subject is using the IP address without obtaining appropriate permission from the copyright owner. At the time, Ludwig was considering using a version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl‘s Pokemon The stadium stage of his tournament — Series starring Ludwig Ahgren– Modified so that it does not switch randomly.

“I’ll show you the papers and check them, but [Nintendo] “I have posted my address in ink on the back of every piece of paper in this violation notice, so I can’t physically show it to you,” Ludwig said. “But in my very simple understanding — I’m a YouTuber, after all — it’s basically like a child cease and desist. Because instead of saying, ‘Hey, you should stop and never do this,’ [Nintendo’s] Like, “Hey, you have to stop and then follow our rules.” You can’t use your own rules.”

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Mongolian mail

On October 24, Nintendo announced A large number of new restrictions that are changing radically Super Smash Bros. Championships. Now, any event associated with the game must have a maximum of 200 participants, a maximum prize pool of $5,000, no sponsors, and cash in on an unmodified version of the game. Commercial tournaments organized by larger organizers, such as Video Game Boot Camp (VGBC), must obtain a special license from Nintendo in order to take place. This has led the community, from the everyday to the pros, to mourn what could be the end of the esports scene.

It makes sense that people would feel one way about it. Nintendo doesn’t have the greatest track record of supporting grassroots efforts to Super Smash Bros. Community. Late last year, in fact, the company He got into a tense dispute with professional players and tournament organizers On cancellation Smashing World Tour event. Things got so heated that people started… Boycott events with Nintendo partner organizations Such as Panda Global professional esports apparel. It is difficult to say what the future is Smash Bros. Events will appear.

Kotaku I have reached out to Ludwig and Nintendo for comment.

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One thing is for sure: Nintendo can’t kill people’s love for the game. As pro player Joseph “Mang0” Marquez says in a quote Ludwig plays at the end of his video: “I’ll play Brawl In my fucking mind. as long Brawl Life, I will play [it]And if you take it all, we’ll play [it] In the garage.”

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