Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood and Nintendo are slowly turning up the volume on the first Super Nintendo World is located in the United States. Now they Narrow the opening window to “early” 2023 While posting some photos and a video of her signature ride: Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.

Augmented reality on railroad rides is already one of the highlights of the Super Nintendo World in Japan, Which we visited early last yearoffers an interactive experience where passengers in four-seater Mario Kart cars can head off to collect coins and also throw projectiles to defeat Team Bowser, also allowing for different ride outcomes.

Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood

Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood

Riders wear plastic Mario hats with wired HoloLens-like visors at the front, which combine with ride motion, projection mapping onto walls, and actual static pieces to deliver motion that makes it seem like the buggies are going faster than they really are. Sam Byford described the experience as “overwhelming but fun-filled,” encouraging her to ride a few times for a higher score. This flight could improve based on the initial effort, which the engineers described as scalable and scalable, to account for technology improvement. But, from the description and the trailer, it looks almost the same.

In the Japan park, there was only one more ride when we visited, the Yoshi’s Adventure train ride, although it included other interactive areas and a Power Up band that paired up with visitors’ phones to track their progress. other area Built around Donkey Kong It is said to be under construction. As for the US theme park, the only details we have so far are that it will have a “flagship ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, and interactive areas, for the whole family to enjoy, along with shopping and dining to enhance the entire experience.”

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