Sunny Beach. Once a symbol of luxury, today is an affordable option for an overseas vacation

Decades ago, the holidays Bulgaria They were a symbol of luxury for many. Today, a stay at Sunny Beach or Golden Sands is the cheapest option for an overseas vacation. Prices for a week-long all-inclusive holiday start from PLN 2,500 this year, although you can find cheaper deals too.

The largest and most famous of the Bulgarian resorts Sunny Beach With more than 800 hotels. They are located in a relatively small area, which means that the complexes with swimming pools, sun loungers and bars are not very extensive. Only about 1,000 people live permanently in this coastal town. It thrives during the summer season from June to September, when millions of tourists and seasonal workers come from Poland and abroad.

Sunny Beach is often called The Las Vegas of Europe and the Ibiza of the East. Between the mentioned hotels there are numerous bars, nightclubs, discos, restaurants, shops and stalls. Walking through the small streets, you can sometimes feel like you are on the Polish coast – shops with more or less unnecessary souvenirs and often kitschy t-shirts or pieces and crowds of tourists resemble native towns.

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Compared to the Baltic Sea and coastal cities, it is definitely warmer in the Black Sea resorts. Because this is the best plus of this holiday destination Good weather She is very determined. In July and August, the temperature reaches 30 degrees and rarely exceeds this limit, only temporary storms can occur from time to time.

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Although the heat is not bothersome, you should be careful about sunbathing, especially on the beach, where there is a pleasant breeze from the sea side. The sun is treacherous. It is worth remembering about appropriate protection, especially with creams with a UV filter on the face (SPF 50).

Beaches This is another great advantage of the Bulgarian coast. The one at Sunny Beach is wide, very clean, with beautiful golden sand (contrary to appearances, Golden Sands doesn’t just offer it). However, the downside is its development – there is little space for you to carelessly lie down with a towel or your own deck chair, especially on weekends, when Bulgarians also come to the resort.

Most of the coastal area is occupied by rows of uniform rows Sunbeds with umbrellasYou have to pay for it. Price? High by the standards of a relatively cheap country like Bulgaria. A sunbed costs 10 leva, so for two sunbeds and an umbrella you pay PLN 70 per day!

The undoubted advantages of holidays in Bulgaria include those already mentioned Low price – It is the cheapest beach in Europe, in terms of cost, only Albania can match it, however, it began to develop as a tourist destination after many years. Additionally, you can point Short flights – From Katowice to Burgas, in good weather, you can even fly in an hour and a half.

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However, this is not for everyone Sunny beach atmosphere. Crowds on the beach, streets, stalls, often small hotel complexes, which are often queues for bars, looking for a table in a restaurant or “reservations” of sunbeds at the pools, as well as lively evenings and nights – all this will be there. For many people, the Bulgarian coast is a big drawback.

In the comments of many hotels, you can also notice complaining voices Food. Unfortunately, many resorts focus on catering heavily to tourists in an all-inclusive formula, meaning quantity and quality are not essential. Also, in the street pubs, there is a lack of Bulgarian cuisine, which perhaps few visitors would like to try. Instead, there are many fast food outlets, fast pizza slices or kebabs.

Being in Sunny Beach, it’s worth visiting to see what the whole area has to offer. First, it is a town adjacent to the resort Nessebarwas invited Black Sea or Bulgarian Dubrovnik Pearl. It is divided into two parts – the modern one with hotels and beaches, and the old one, where you can find Orthodox churches, atmospheric architecture and narrow streets. You can get there by public transport or take an organized guided tour.

There are other beautiful towns and cities in the region. Among them e.g. love Sozopol With wooden and stone architecture, Palsik That is thanks to the characteristic limestone rocks or the white city PomorieThere is a salt lake and a salt museum.

Excursions are also arranged from Sunny Beach Turkish Istanbul. Although such a journey is very tiring, it is worth it. This unique city, the only city in the world located on two continents, should be visited at least once in a lifetime, and a good opportunity to do so appears during a vacation on the Bulgarian coast.

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