Summary: Reviews are in for Sonic Superstars

Image: Sega

Sonic Superstars launches next week, and in case you missed it, we’re still waiting for a Nintendo Switch review code.

While we wait for Nintendo Life’s review, we’ve put together this roundup featuring a range of different findings. Our colleagues at Push Square have already given their verdict, so we’ll start there and follow up with some other opinions.

Push the box 6/10

“We can absolutely recommend it as a solo experience, as there’s a lot to like about the new art style, the largely fantastic soundtrack, and the layered level design. However, add a friend or two, and it quickly gets messy.”

Ijen 7/10

“Sonic Superstars has a mix of interesting and ill-advised new ideas, making it a fun Sonic game but not quite a Super game.”

VG247 3/5

“At its core mission, Sonic Superstars succeeds. It recreates the foundation of a 2D Sonic game — some of the best platformers ever made — well. Unfortunately, the new elements layered on top of it are somewhat hit or miss.”

Gaming trend 9/10

“Sonic Superstars represents some of the best that 2D platformers have to offer. It has constant surprises while still offering plenty of room for mastery. The game is fun from start to finish and beyond.”

God is obsessed 6.5/10

“Sonic Superstars has a lot of frustrating elements to deal with. Navigating through the actual stages is often a lot of fun, but having to deal with boring boss fights and constant mini-games gets old quickly. If you have a friend who loves Sonic, you’ll probably spend Have a great time playing the main story together.”

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