Suika (Watermelon Game) update adds English language support

Just days after a local release on the Switch eShop, Suika (the watermelon game) has now been updated with English language support. Other languages ​​are also supported.

In addition, developer Aladdin X has also added a new Halloween theme. Instead of watermelon, you’ll now turn to pumpkin. Here’s a look:

Suika game

You can switch to this theme by pressing the R button in the main menu. Watermelon is available on the Switch eShop for $2.99 (or regional equivalent). If you haven’t played it before, here’s some info from the developer. You can check out our Nintendo Life review too.

“To prevent fruits from overflowing from the box, collide the same type of fruit. As the fruits collide, their types change. Let’s make big watermelons! This is a game where you can combine two small fruits to make them bigger and create big watermelons.”

This viral sensation has now also gone beyond 2 million Sales in Japan, according to the latest data from Famitsu.

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