Steven Seagal on Russian TV. He spoke of “Ukrainian Nazis”.

Steven Seagal – known, among other things, from American action movies – came from Donbassto go around “Special Surgery Documentary” This is actually Russian propaganda. The leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic of Dinis Bussil. Siegel also visited a former filter camp for Ukrainian prisoners of war Olenivce.

The Kremlin propagandist was also a guest on the show Vladimir Soloviev on the broadcast of Rossiya-1 station.

– 98 percent of news about Ukraine comes from people who have never been there. They – including the official authorities – get information from the troll farm – he said.

He insisted that he had spoken to “many Nazis who were not in Ukraine”.

– They are true to ideals Stephen Bandera And wants to fight. “They said they wanted to kill,” he added.

The actor called himself a diplomat. According to Siegel, the “attack” on the camp at Olenivka, where prisoners from the “Azov” regiment were held, Made by Ukrainians using HIMARSWhen asked why he visited Russia when so many artists fled, the man mentioned that “He is Russian, this is his home”.

Let us remind you Steven Seagal Has Russian and Serbian citizenship and has been associated with Moscow for many years. Russian officials also appointed him as Special Envoy for Russian-US Humanitarian Relations.

In 2014, the actor supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Putin, on the other hand, calls him the best leader in the world. He said this in an interview “An external entity” is responsible for starting a warNot the Russian president.

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