Starfield’s DLSS 3 support is coming in a beta patch soon

Bethesda is almost ready to officially add Nvidia’s graphics upscaling technology Starfieldbut will first seek help from the PC gaming community through a subscription beta test available via Steam.

Company He says The game’s next update will support DLSS with frameshifting (which means DLSS 3, if not 3.5) as well as display controls and HDR for supported systems.

The RPG’s lack of DLSS support was an issue even before launch, with “exclusive PC partner” AMD having to come out and insist that Bethesda would have their full support if developers wanted to add support for Nvidia’s technology. Once the game was available, modders quickly added unofficial support for the technology, demonstrating how it can improve performance on gaming PCs with Nvidia graphics cards.

As for issuing shares, in Digital Foundry Video“If you’re using Intel and Nvidia, you’re going to get a weirdly worse experience here compared to AMD GPUs in a way that’s completely out of the ordinary,” Alexander Battaglia said. Starfield It does support AMD’s FidelityFX Supersolution 2 (FSR 2) resolution, but at Later postBethesda has indicated that upgrading to FSR 3 using AMD’s frame generation technology will have to wait for a “future update.”

There are other fixes promised by Bethesda already on the way, like the FOV slider and 32:9 ultra-wide screen support. We’ll see what else is available when this beta test begins next week before the update becomes available to everyone on Xbox and PC. If you have I bought the game on SteamYou can indicate your interest in joining the beta by going to Starfield In your Steam library and access its settings via the gear icon on the right, then Properties. In the pop-up menu, there should be a section called “Betas,” with a drop-down box next to “Beta Share” that should display all the available options.

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