Stardew Valley developer has announced new patch 1.6 with a new festival

Stardew Valley Developer ConcernedApe, aka Eric Barone, shared that a new patch is on its way for the game The Humble Life. Patch 1.6 will include a new festival and some secrets ConcernedApe hasn’t revealed yet. We don’t know much about this update, but it will make the annual farmer’s calendar busier.

The tweet from ConcernedApe shares a very brief rundown of the additions: the new festival, new items, more dialogue, and those secrets. Festivals events scheduled in Stardew Valley that are marked on the player’s calendar. Every year, Mayor Louis invites the player by sending a letter to his home. The city is locked down, the animals are automatically fed, and the player’s day is occupied by a festival. The only exception to this is the night market, which plays by its own rules.

Some festivals include special shops offering exclusive merchandise, while other events are a way to foster friendship with your neighbors. It would also be nice to get some new dialogue options and ways to hang out with old friends on the farm. It doesn’t look like this will be a particularly big update, but we’ll have to wait and see what the store has in store.

Stardew Valley It has continued to expand since its initial launch, with new patches that include fun stuff. In Patch 1.4, farmers can add sewer-dwelling Krobus to their house as a roommate. Patch 1.5’s main feature was an all-new island, complete with a volcano dungeon. In 2021, ConcernedApe announced a new game called Haunted chocolate With “some connection” to Stardew Valley.

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