Stalin's great-grandson calls for the dissolution of the UN. He sent an appeal to the Russian authorities

The letter to the foreign minister was published by the editorial office of the Russian website Selim Bensat, an artist-painter, emphasizes the “meaninglessness” of the United Nations' work. The reason is said to be its “incompetence” in decision-making on major international issues.

The current UN The Russian believes that it should be removed and a new one installed, based in Russia of course. A special meeting of the organization should be convened for this purpose.

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On behalf of Stalin's family I am ready to officially support Mr. Sir Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation In convening a special UN meeting to decide on the future fate of the organization and the possibility of the successor state of the Soviet Union participating in it. Russia – wrote the great-grandson of the bloody dictator.

Joseph Stalin's great-grandson's press secretary Mr. Vadim Korzankin said in an interview with RIA Novosti.The United Nations was created on June 26, 1945 with Stalin's direct participation, so his great-grandson's voice is important and must be taken into account.

However, there seems to be something wrong with the current authorities The United Nations does not like this idea…

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