Splatoon 3 fan spends thousands to boycott Nintendo meeting

Splatoon 3 characters look disgusted.

picture: Nintendo

There is no other video game company quite like Nintendo, and the same seems to be true of their fans. Someone reportedly spent nearly $3,500 on company stock to interrupt a recent shareholder meeting and apparently ranted about the lack of men’s hairstyle customization options. in Splatoon 3. Nintendo president Shunturo Furukawa tried to get him to stop but he kept complaining about the “cold treatment of Splatoon children.”

The alleged incident was first reported By Twitter user NStyles Who tweeted live at Mario maker’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting (It was also spotted for the first time SI video games). According to a play-by-play translation on Twitter, a Splatoon 3 fan asked why the boys were disrespected in the game, and Furukawa said the question had been going on for so long, the fan persisted, and eventually Nintendo’s president moved on by thanking fans for their interest in playing the company’s games.

About an hour later, Twitter user Haruikatako claimed responsibility for the explosion in a thread detailing their issues with the game and how he gained access to the shareholders’ meeting in the first place. In addition to a copy of the notes, he even shared a clear template showing how the Inklings’ male customization options were lacking in the female ones.

“I’ve sent messages to Nintendo a few times, but it just doesn’t seem to get any better,” A.J Twitter translation of the topic reads. “When I bought stocks, I was always less than tens of thousands of dollars, and my parents told me not to engage in consumer finance.” The fan said he set out to resell OLED Switches to try to earn enough to buy the stock needed for a spot at the annual meeting.

It’s outrageous because someone would demand real money so they can personally complain about a video game, especially Strange considering that Splatoon 3 It has the most powerful Inkling customization options in the entire series. It is the first to allow players to mix and match different skins and styles rather than locking some of them behind a specific gender. And I mean, the Engleggs are mutated squid babies. I can’t even begin to treat as childish what the lack of specifically coded methods might mean Splatoon 3.

Wild fan stunts aside, the game kept getting a steady stream of new updates and still does Some major DLC is on the wayincluding new single-player content that appears to be appearing Some new twists to the gameplay.

Update 6/23/203 11:37 a.m. ET: Incident was covered for the first time by SI video gamesinstead of VGC.

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