Spain. He changed his gender to avoid punishment for violence against women

In Alicante, in eastern Spain, a man was accused by his ex-wife and the mother of his son. machismo, which means violence by men against women, can escape punishment because she has officially changed her gender and registered as a woman at the registry office, Spanish public television TVE reported.

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The accused says he cannot be tried for violence against women Real and Effective Transgender Equality ActIt aims to protect women from male violence, which came into effect in Spain at the beginning of March.

According to the defendant, after filing an amendment to the registry office regarding gender identity different from her biological sex, she became a woman and therefore could not be sued.

A gender-based violence prosecutor in Alicante asked the Supreme Court to indicate how to proceed with the case. However, under the law, transgender men cannot escape punishment for violence against women; Their identity is taken into account before official gender reassignment.

According to La Razon newspaper, many who apply for official gender reassignment do so to deal with the legal situation. Gender reassignment process is based on the wish of the applicant.

According to Spanish law, people over the age of 16 can change their gender and name without a prior court order and without hormone therapy. Fill the form and submit your identity card and birth certificate. The decision must be confirmed by the applicant after three months and the entire procedure will not take more than four months. 14- to 16-year-olds must obtain parental consent to register their biological sex, and 12- to 14-year-olds must obtain court permission.

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The law allows transgender people to return to their previous gender in the same way. A third modification already requires a court order.

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