Spain. Former Vice President of the Russian gas company Novotech Sergei Protocenia mysteriously dies

Local media have reported that Sergei Protozoania, former vice president of the Russian private gas company Novotech, has died in Spain. The millionaire’s wife and daughter have also died. Their bodies were found in a villa at the resort of Lorret de Mar, near Barcelona.

The death of the 55-year-old Protozoan was reported, among other things, by the Spanish television channel Telecinco and El Bunt Aui and According to initial findings, the Russian killed his wife and daughter and committed suicide. However, there may have been three murders in the garden.

On Tuesday, police found in the bedrooms of a luxury villa in the Lourdes de Mar resort near Barcelona, ​​the body of a former deputy leader of the Novotac in the garden, and the bodies of his wife and daughter with stab wounds. The family – according to the media – lived permanently in France and spent Easter in Spain.

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The Spanish police were alerted by the anxious son of Protocenia, who was staying in Bordeaux, France, and was unable to contact his mother.

The Russian portal RBK recalled that he was elected a member of the Novatech group in 2005, and four years later was appointed vice president and chief accountant of this private gas company. Protocenia was appointed to the board in March 2015, and was fired a year later, the company’s website said.

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No farewell letter

Since no farewell letter was found at the scene, there are suspicions in the edition about the suicide of the Russians (property value of Protestantia estimated at over 400 million euros). There were no complaints that the person abused his family or started a fight.

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The bloody ax and knife lay near the millionaire’s body, but there were no traces of blood on his clothes. Investigators check records from surveillance cameras installed around the property to see if any strangers entered the villa.

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A similar tragedy in Moscow

A similar tragedy – reported by and RBK – took place on April 18 in Moscow. The bodies of Wazadysław Awajew, the former vice president of Gazprombank, and his wife and teenage daughter were found in an apartment. The Bureau of Investigation’s news service told RBK that different versions of the incident were being considered. However, investigators like the fact that the man killed his wife and daughter and committed suicide.

Novatech is one of the most important natural gas producers in Russia after the state-owned Casprom. The company’s shareholders, among others, are oligarchs and billionaires, close associates of officials in the Kremlin, Gennady Timchenko, Gosprom and Gosprombank., Radio Svoboda, RBK

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