Spain. Former bishop Xavier Nowell married author of satanic books

Xavier Nouvel, former bishop of the Catalan Diocese of Solzona, married his wife Sylvia Capalol in the church. In 2021, he gave up his priesthood to write books on satanic themes. Pope Francis gave his consent for their marriage.

Xavier Nowell and Sylvia Caballol got married in a church, the 41-year-old announced on social media on Monday. Novell, 55, is a former exorcist and bishop of the Diocese of Solzona in Catalonia. In 2021, he resigned from his priestly ministry because he fell in love with Kabalol, who wrote books on satanic themes.

Marriage of a former bishop

Silvia Caballol admitted on the record that their marriage was made possible by the approval of Pope Francis. “It was a long road, but we were able to settle our canonical situation: we could marry the way we wanted and get communion,” he wrote. Also attached some photos.

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Bishop Xavier Novel – Who is he?

Xavier Novel was ordained a bishop in 2010 at the age of 41, making him Spain's youngest bishop at the time. He gained notoriety in the country due to his numerous appearances in the media where he expressed his very conservative and controversial views.

Among other things, he said he was against homosexuality, abortion and supported the independence of Catalonia. He has been performing exorcisms since 2015 and maintains their effectiveness. In addition, he also conducted and promoted so-called conversion therapies, the purpose of which – in his opinion – was to “cure homosexuality”. Experts insist that this type of treatment is not only pointless but also harmful.

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The bishop went to his master

In August 2021, Novell unexpectedly announced his retirement from the priesthood. The media wrote at the time that she made such a decision because she fell in love, and that her chosen one was Kabalol, 14 years her junior, a psychologist and writer, author of books on satanic themes, mother of two, divorced from a Moroccan man.

At the end of November of the same year, the couple got married and the media reported that they were expecting a child. In April 2022, they had twin girls.

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