Sources: Eagles player Dom DeSandro has been banned from playing in Dallas

Eagles head of security Dom DeSandro has been banned from the sideline in Philadelphia for Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys for his role in a sideline altercation last Sunday with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, according to league sources.

DiSandro is allowed to go to Dallas with the Eagles and perform all his regular duties, but he won’t be on the sidelines.

DiSandro and other Eagles officials met Friday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the league’s New York office, the sources said. The league is still reviewing additional materials to see if more discipline is warranted.

The NFL sent a memo to all teams Wednesday afternoon reminding them to “please ensure that all members of your game day staff understand that their role does not extend to participation in game day scrimmages and that they must refrain from such participation.”

Greenlaw said Wednesday that he and DiSandro exchanged apologies through intermediaries.

“We have just exchanged a formal apology between you and me [Niners general manager John Lynch] “And some of the same people we know in the building and things like that,” Greenlaw said. “He seemed like a real gentleman. He seemed like a guy that everyone in the building loved. So, I hate that, honestly. I really hate that it escalated and went to that.”

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Greenlaw could be fined for the hit that resulted in a sideline clearance.

Information from ESPN’s Nick Wagoner was used in this report.

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