Sony announces Spider-Man Spinoff El Muerto at Cinemacon

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CinemaCon, a three-day event in Las Vegas, is one of those business conventions that inevitably turns into a pop culture press event, where big studios seize the opportunity to take center stage and get involved. their plans for the next few years. Hey boy did Sony take advantage of this moment. According to our man on earth, Germain Loserwe have a lot to I’m looking forward toincluding the first 15 minutes of Via the spider verse.

The first, and perhaps the most surprising, is the announcement of it mirtoIncredibly minor Spider Man character (like, two small issues), gets his own independent movie. Even more surprising is the fact that Bad Bunny, an acclaimed Puerto Rican musician who sometimes shines as a professional wrestler, was cast in the role. When asked to help translate, one of my co-workers gave this quote: “I’m so glad I might die,” Earth writer Angela MercadoAnd Who loves Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio.

El Muerto, the character, is a disguised mentor – he inherited his honorary mask from generations of family gladiators, giving him enhanced strength –Which is set up against Spider-Man in a cage fight. For many, Bad Bunny wouldn’t be the first choice for a super strong wrestler, but Mercado has followed Bad Bunny’s wrestling career for quite some time. There are a lot of references to early 2000s pop culture in his music, and he has an entire song and music video about the wrestler. Booker T. They’re featured in this music video together, so I’m not surprised that his inspirations and influences create more opportunities for Bad Bunny,” she said in a caption to Slack.

Also in the pipeline are two chains: the second Ghostbusters (or is it the fifth?) is on, but no details have been released regarding which actor will be cast. While it is temporarily named Ghostbusters: Afterlife IIWe don’t have anything else.

Another fun release that has been confirmed is 3 . poison! I’m not ashamed poison Stan, I’m so glad I had the chance to see another rom-com starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy who distorted x10. Because of the jump between the multiverse Poison 2: Let there be a massacre And Spider-Man: There is no room for homeIt’s not entirely clear if Venom will actually meet Spider-Man in this movie.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group Chairman Tom Rothman made the announcements during CinemaCon last night. As they pointed out Craven the fisherman And Madame Web On the agenda along with other 2023 editions.

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