Some iPhone models mysteriously turn off during the night

A strange phenomenon appears to be causing some iPhone models to temporarily shut down at night, potentially interrupting alarms and other ‌iPhone‌ features.

in Topic on RedditOne user complains that two separate iPhone alarms in his home did not go off. Many other users also shared similar issues, and it turns out that some of the issues can be linked to the ‌iPhone‌ turning off at night. From Reddit:

Hijack top comment. Check your battery settings and see if there is a gap during the night. Yesterday a lot of iPhones were turned off for a few hours during the night. In my case, the phone turned on again 1 minute before the alarm

Some other people mentioned having to enter their passcodes in the morning, referring to their iPhone‌ rebooting or turning off during the night. 9to5Mac We highlighted these issues earlier this week, and we ran into the issue here as well MacRumorsshave Many users on MacRumors Forums. from MacRumors:

So my iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.0.3 restarted automatically last night (October 10 around 01:00 AM CET). The same thing happened to three of my friends who have the same iPhone and the same iOS, and to another person who has an iPhone 13 Mini, also on the same iOS.

You can find out if your iPhone‌ has turned off for the night by opening the Settings app, going to Battery, and checking the charging status for the past 24 hours. If there is a gap, the ‌iPhone‌ will turn off for a period of time.

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The issue affects iPhone 15 models, but it also affects other devices, suggesting it’s present in iOS 17. Not all users are experiencing shutdown issues, and it doesn’t seem to happen every night.

It is not yet clear what is happening, and Apple has not commented.

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