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Zoom in / pixel clock. It is a small round pebble.

Ron Amadeo

Here’s one improvement Google might want to consider for the Pixel Watch 2: better glue. Android Police I’ve just spotted some reports of the back panels of some Pixel watches falling off. Some posts on the PixelWatch subreddit you have pictures from this phenomenon. Many commenters say it happened to them, too.

This definitely sounds like something Google should cover under warranty, and since the device is less than a year old, everyone should be under warranty. You also have a strong argument if you contact Google Support about a broken device. The scary thing is that this will also affect the water resistance of the device, and we doubt Google covers every water damage case. Most reports indicate that Google is taking care of the problem, but a few users were initially threatened with a $300 repair fee, which was later waived.

When iFixit tore the Pixel watch, I noticed The back adhesive was a new “liquid gasket” the site hadn’t seen before. “The back glass appears to be held in place by some kind of liquid gasket that seals tightly, but it comes open and clean. It also peels off the glass with almost no residue,” the report said. Google’s fancy glue seems to peel off a little too easily. Poorly adhered backboards have also been a recent problem fossil watchesand, in “Gen 6” releases, Fossil I confess The problem said it was fixed.

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We all know that manufacturers like to build smartphones that are completely devoid of mounts, but they are Not unusual To see visible screws on the back of a traditional watch. Some watches turn the entire back plate into a giant screw, with a threaded flange running the length of the back cover, and the whole thing being screwed into the body of the watch. Perhaps a real lock on the Pixel Watch would help.

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