Solo Pokemon Go players criticize Shadow Lugia Raids as ‘completely useless’.

published: 2023-10-28T21:40:05

Updated: 2023-10-28T21:40:15

Solo players who enjoy Pokemon Go have expressed their frustration with recent Shadow Lugia raids, calling them “completely meaningless.”

Pokemon Go’s October 2023 Team Go Rocket takeover event is in full swing, meaning players can challenge the evil team for a chance to catch Shadow Regigigas and Shadow Lugia.

Shadow Lugia, specifically, will appear as a 5-star Shadow Raid, meaning trainers who want to challenge her will have to find a nearby Raid in person with other players.

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Unfortunately, it looks like Pokemon Go fans in rural areas aren’t having much luck with Shadow Lugia’s Raid, with some fans calling it “completely pointless” thanks to the lack of people showing up to confront it.

Solo players in Pokemon Go in rural areas are suffering from the Shadow Lugia raid

a mail On Pokemon Go com.subreddit It gained traction among a section of the community after one player shared his bad luck in finding other players to take on the Shadow Lugia raid with.

“How can a solo player catch Shadow Lugia when all the raids seem to be local only?”, the OP asked another fan.

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Many other players seemed to share the trainer’s woes as they also noted the difficulty of doing a Shadow Lugia raid, let alone catching one themselves.

“Yes it makes no sense at all. I live in a quiet area where hardly anyone plays. So, you will never be able to gather 5 people in the same park/area to do a shadow raid. I went to the city this morning hoping that there would be some raid participants “Lugia. Not a single person.” said one fan.

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Another trainer pointed out that even with enough trainers to start a raid, it was still very difficult to capture Shadow Lugia.

“The problem is that Lugia is so volatile that the majority of players will struggle to win since the average trainer group has to have an 8+ to have a chance of beating it.”

Shadow Raid’s reception has been hit or miss among fans, and it’s clear that a lot of trainers are once again struggling with Shadow Lugia.

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